Patty's Pals

Foundation, LTD

Patty's Pals

Foundation, LTD


Patty's Pal's Banquet on April 7th, 2019 at The Seville.

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Pink Belts

The month of October is recognized as Breast Cancers Awareness month and Patty's Pals Foundation will be supporting this initiative with pink karate belts.


If you would like to support breast cancer awareness for a donation of $20, we will send you a pink belt. Just click the button below to contact us.


Patty’s Pals has made the trip to Diamond Nationals in Bloomington, Minnesota for the past five years in the month of October. With the support of Master Carnahan and Master Worley, competitors are able to compete wearing the pink belts all weekend. This has been a great turnout for both spectators and competitors and we thank everyone for their support.


We would also like to give special thanks to Master Nelson of National Karate Chicago Schools for all of his generous support and encouragement with all of our endeavors allowing students to wear the pink belts for the month of October to class.


To date over 650 pink karate belts have been distributed as of December 2018.



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